Creative Designs using Mandala Patterns (Design Bundles) [ad]

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I’m a super creative person and I specialize in digital art products like Thumbnails, Banners and Web design.

Throughout my years as a digital artists I’ve always been on the lookout for resources to help me create something amazing. Whether its Royalty free imagery or vectors that make my designs come to life.

One of my favorite art styles is the Mandala, whilst being simplistic and vector-like it often hides a level of detail that we designers really appreciate. when designing a logo for example the Mandala, with its multiple layered styles can really draw the eye of the viewer and share a story all within a very small package.

I was recently asked to write about a service called Design Bundles which connects independent designers to their creative counterparts and upon glancing at the website thought it would be a perfect fit for my readers. As creatives we often draw on inspiration from others and would love a platform that can help with the design process.

Design Bundles offers a host of graphic design choices, but is not limited to graphic and digital design.

Their Paper Cutting Templates for example could be used both on the screen and in real life as well. I can definitely picture a design in my head with a mandala style logo on an intricate backdrop. But on the flip side can see this being a fantastic art style for creating real-life products too!

Products that could include, Children’s party Decorations, A homemade Birthday / Anniversary / Celebration card, or even a bespoke and unique Business Card to make your business stand out from the competition. The possibilities and uses for these templates is only limited by your own imagination.

I thought it would be fun to showcase some of the designs from Design Bundles which really caught my eye and that I would be more than happy to use in my digital designs.

3D Mountain Mandala

The 3D Mountain Mandala comes with 11 templates to create this beautiful looking piece of artwork, perfect for the Zen types that love the Mandala look and feel, I personally love this design and would love to have this as a sticker on the back of my laptop! How amazing would that look!

3D Dachshund Mandala

The 3d Dachshund Mandala pack is made up of 4 seperate layer pieces all contained within the deliverable Zip Folder. This would be perfect for the dog lovers out there with a keen interest in the Mandala art style.

Layered Mandala Style

The layered mandala style pack helps you to create beautiful and unique looking designs which wouldn’t look out of place in the hallway of your home. This eye catching design is sure to turn the heads of your friends or family and will surely impress them when You tell them that YOU had made it.

My personal favourite

Whilst looking through the designs over at Design bundles, this one immediately caught my eye. As a fan of Star Wars and the Mandalorian Series, this psychedelic helmet would be a fantastic addition to the walls of any creative person looking for that nerdy edge.

I had a lot of fun looking through the designs on Design Bundles and thought it would be great to share some of them with you. If you want to check out the designs yourself then head on over to DesignBundles and check out their paper cutting templates. I’d love to know what kind of designs you used in your projects and would relish the opportunity to see some of them.

In conclusion, the website Design Bundles Offers many amazing designs for us as creatives to sink our teeth into, I know I’ve spent many hours just looking at the beautiful designs and I personally can’t wait to download and try some of these at home. I might even get the kids involved and make an Arts & Crafts day out of it. Because thats what really matters about these designs. They inspire us to make something new and sharing that creative itch with friends and family is what its all about.

I’d like to take a moment to thank Design bundles for the opportunity to write about such an amazing offering of creative resources and I would love it if you all could go and have a look at their website. I’m sure that you will find something amazing there that will inspire you to create something new and I’d love to see what you can do with these designs as well!

Article by Matt Dean

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