Adding Google Services to WordPress (The Easy Way)

Google Site Kit Plugin

Google is without a doubt the biggest website in the world and you want to get your posts and pages ranked on google. The easiest way to start with that is by adding Google Services to your website, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Adsense (This lets you make money from your blog).

There are hundreds of plugins specific to each google service but the easiest one to use was made by Google themselves, so you know its going to be safe, secure and easy to use.

The plugin I’m referencing is Google Site Kit and it’s super simple to add to your website and get the ball rolling when you’re first starting your blog.

First, head to ‘Plugins’ on your WP-Admin Dashboard and press ‘Add New’ then search ‘Google Site Kit’.

Site Kit WordPress Plugin By Google

Once You have it installed and activated head on over to the Google Site Kit tab inside your Admin Dashboard.

Nex you want to sign in with your chosen Google Account this will enable you to activate the Google Services on your website.

Allow Google to access the information required for it to run the plugin.

Then it will take you through the set up steps to add the Google Search Console

After filling in the correct information and pressing ‘Allow’ you should then be greeted by this screen.

Press ‘Go To My Dashboard’ and you will taken back to your website dashboard where you can activate the other four services.

Analytics, Adsense and Page Speed Insights.

These four tools will save you time and effort as you will be able to see at a glance what posts/pages get the most traffic, where the traffic comes from as well as seeing reports on your Google Search Console.

The Page Speed Insights tool lets you see the page load times as well as metrics indicating how long it takes a page to load before a link can be clicked as well as much more. These tools are a must have for every website owner as they provide valuable insight into the health of your website.

The healthier the website, the better it will rank on Google when the time comes.

Article by Matt Dean

My name is Matt Dean and I have made hundreds of websites often using WordPress as the foundation. Whether you are an amateur web developer or a business owner in need of a professional-looking website, I aim to provide you with practical advice for developing and maintaining your WordPress website.